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Degree of Polymerization of Polymers

The Degree of a polymerization is calculated by taking ratio of molecular weight of the polymer and molecular weight of the repeat unit.

What is Polyamide Fabric?

What is Polyamide fabric? - It is a synthetic fabric formed by condensation polymerization and used in Tires, Carpets and Fabrics. Production and Application process are shared here.

VISCOSE VS RAYON – Ideal Semi-Synthetic fiber

Viscose VS Rayon is a term for semi-synthetic fiber. Topics included; differences, manufacturing, applications, Limitations and environmental impacts of fibers.

What is Polyimide – Kapton Polyimide Grades and Uses

Polyimide or Kapton Polyimide is commonly used in Industry interms of tapes, foams, bearings, pcb.

Thermal Analysis of Polymers – Aramids and its blends

Thermal analysis of polymers mainly aramids is beind shared. To understand phase change in aramids, DSc and TGA analysis are investigated here.

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Complete, Easy to understand guide on Bainite in Steel. Every bit of detail is shared related to properties, composition, heat treatment and microstructure.


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