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1- Ester Vs Ether - Major Differences - Materials Today

Ester Vs Ether – Major Differences

Ester and ether are two common organic compounds that have some major differences. The main difference between ester and ether is the spatial arrangement of their atoms. They are formed through the esterification and etherification process respectively. Just one double bond between oxygen and adjoining carbon in their molecular structure makes them two different compounds …

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what is polyamide

What is Polyamide Fabric?

What is Polyamide fabric? – It is a synthetic fabric formed by condensation polymerization and used in Tires, Carpets and Fabrics. Production and Application process are shared here.

Aramid blending and Plasticization effect

Blending of Poly Aramid by Plasticization

Idea of Poly Aramid blending The plasticization of Poly aramid was carried out in four stages, which are: Synthesis of Aramid Synthesis of Hyperbranched Polyamide-ester HBPA Synthesis of Stock Solutions Blending of Aramid and HBPA Synthesis of Poly Aramid Method For studying Aramid in detail, follow Aramid processing and Aramid applications. Aramid have wide range …

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