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About Us

Need for Platform

We are a group of engineers who really needed a good site during their graduation time for information about specific topics. Sometimes, looking into research papers for fresh graduates to look for common and simple questions is difficult.

Sometimes, finding common questions like, “why oxygen is problematic during pressing of sintered magnets?” is difficult if you are not looking into good research papers. We are creating a platform to share our thoughts and understandings about materials and metallurgical processes being used in the World.

Materials-today is dividing into 3 sections. In the first section, we have a blog where we are going to share common topics about materials and metallurgy. In the second section, the main task is to share some industrial equipment that we have used during our study. These industrial equipment have been so productive and accurate.

A link to their website is also shared for your keen insight. In the third section, Simulation and finite elements modeling is added. Clearly, before any development and processing of material, there comes a stage that involves prototyping and experimenting. During the initial stage, simulation and finite element modeling can become really handy during this stage.


Hamza Afzal

Email: info.materialstoday@gmail.com

Linkedin: https://pk.linkedin.com/in/hamza-afzal-11433b88