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Taseen Mughal

Saudi Aramco Approved Mechanical Inspector

Author and Owner of Materials Today

This is Taseen Mughal, a veteran writer of Materials Today, a well-known e-commerce store in the Engineering and Medical Instrument Niches. My goal with Materials Today Blog is to spread knowledge and a passion for these fields by making complex scientific concepts accessible to readers.

My Education and Background

I have completed a three-year Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and possess numerous professional qualifications, approvals, and certifications. I am an API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspector, CSWIP 3.1 Certified Welding Inspector, and an ASNT Level II in RT, MT, PT, and UT. In addition, My Saudi Aramco Approval number is 8000835, and I hold the following certificates as well;

  • QM 03- General Mechanical
  • QM 04- NDE
  • QM 06- Fabricated Piping
  • QM 07- Valves
  • QM 08- Fittings
  • QM 09- Gaskets
  • QM 12- Non Critical
  • QM 15- Steel Structure
  • QM 30- Pressure Vessels
  • QM 31- Heat Exchangers 
  • QM 34 -Storage Tanks

I have a great passion for Engineering and Medical Instrument Niches and teaching others about these fields. I strive to ensure that my blog articles are full of Information that people can use for their personal needs and interests.

My Certificates are attached, just in case you want to check out what they look like 🤪…

My Journey in Inspection and Testing of Steel Structures

Client Name: Applus Velosi Saudi Arabia Ltd.Ad Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Experience Duration: MAY 2013 To October 2022

Position: Mechanical Inspector

My Main Duties:

  • Covering all required inspections for Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Skids, Storage Tanks, Structural Steel, Steel Towers and Poles for Transmission Lines, Lighting Poles & Lighting Masts, Terminal Compound Structures
  • Mechanical, Welding & Coating inspections for various types of Steel structures, such as Steel Towers and Poles for Electric lines

· Structural Steel used for Power Transformers above 2.5 MVA for 110 kV and above

  • Structural Steel used for Line Conductors, Bare (Conductors, Overhead ground wire (OGW), optical fiber ground wire (OPGW)
  • Steel Structural use for Substation Panels (AC/DC, Protection and Control, AMI, RTU, and Metering Devices) 
  • Review of inspection and Test plan incorporating intervention points on ITP.
  • Review & approval of welding procedures & NDE Procedures.
  • Conducting Pre-Inspection Meetings on behalf of the client.
  • Review and implementation of the Quality procedure.

More Information is provided in a CV attached at the end of this Page.

Client Name: SGS Inspection Services Saudi Arabia Ltd.Ad Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

Experience Duration: December 2011 TO MAY 2013

Position: Mechanical Inspector

My Main Duties:

  • Organize and execute inspection jobs with professionalism and magnitude.
  • Understand the scope of work before reporting for any job.
  • Promote the image, capability, and integrity of the company to the client
  • Ensure the best quality of execution
  • Checking & monitoring welding activities before, during, and after welding.
  • To develop & Perform WPS/WQT as per standards
  • Conversant with various welding processes like SMAW, GTAW SAW, GMAW, and FCAW.
  • Coordinating inspection activities like raw material inspection, stage inspection, and final actions.
  • To Check MTRs, WPS, PQR’s and WQT reports
  • Assessment of Piping Fabrication (Shop & Field joints) as per isometrics.
  • Monitor/control all NDT requirements as per WPS & specifications
  • To witness DPT& MPI as per code & specifications.
  • Verification of as-built drawings & maintaining its log
  • Prepare a final QC Dossier / Inspection Data Manual and submit it to the client for acceptance of work.
  • Proof of welder qualification record before deployment at the job site
  • Verification of welding consumables as per approved WPS (Size. Condition. Specification & Storage).

More Information is provided in a CV attached at the end of this Page.


Experience Duration: March 2002 TO April 2007

Position: QC Inspector

My Main Duties:

  • Joint Fit-up & Welding Inspection of Pressure Vessels, Pipelines & Plant Piping.
  • Surveillance Inspection of all Welding Activities.
  • Inspection of Welding consumables, Rods / Filler wires / SAW Flux, Shielding Gas, etc.
  • Reviewing of WPS & PQR.
  • Witnessing PQR Mechanical Tests, Tensile / Impact / Hardness / Ferrite, etc.
  • Witness Welders Qualification Test & Qualifying Welders.
  • Ensure Preheat / Inter pass temperature as per approved procedure and manufacturer recommendation.
  • Ensure Calibration of Welding equipment.
  • Interpretation of Radiography Films.
  • Reviewing of Ultrasonic, Magnetic Particle & Dye Penetrate Test Reports.
  • Reviewing Post Weld Heat Treatment Reports.
  • Witnessing and Reviewing of Hardness Test.
  • Witness and Review of Positive Material Identification Test.
  • Checking of all QA/QC documents before Hydro Tests.
  • Lead Contractors’ team in QA/QC and Department Coordination meetings

More Information is provided in a CV attached at the end of this Page.


I have worked on a range of projects for many multinational companies. I would love to share my experience with my readers, but this will just put too much Information for you guys to read about that is not what you are looking for here.

But, since you are already here, I have attached my CV, all about my experiences as Saudi Aramco Approved Inspector in the field of Fabrication and Manufacturing Inspection.

Do check it out if you want to learn more about it.

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