Do Hemostats Stop Bleeding (1)

Do Hemostats Stop Bleeding? Learn some Interesting Facts! 

Quick Answer

Yes, Hemostats are medical tools that are very well-designed to control bleeding effectively. They function by providing pressure to the injury site while clamping onto a blood artery or tissue, which induces the blood to clot and stops future bleeding.

Short Introduction to Hemostat

A hemostat is a surgical gadget that clamps blood vessels to secure bleeding. Depending on the usage, it is composed of various materials, such as plastic or stainless steel, and comes in various sizes and shapes. It can also grasp and hold tissues while performing blunt dissections. They are also used to hold foreign bodies, tooth fragments, necrotic tissues, and tiny bits of bone.

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Possible Use Cases of Hemostat

Hemostats play a crucial role in achieving this. They are an essential part of medical kits used in various surgical disciplines such as general surgery, neurosurgery, and more. Let’s have a look at the possible use cases of hemostats;

Surgical Procedures

Hemostats are widely used in surgical procedures for clamping blood vessels and controlling bleeding. For instance, doctors clamp the arteries or veins that need to be severed with hemostats to prevent significant blood loss during open-heart surgery. Hemostats are also used in laparoscopic procedures to stop bleeding from tiny blood arteries or tissues. In addition to their ability to control bleeding, they assist surgeons in visualizing deeper surgical sites.

Emergency Medical Care

Hemostats work as guardians in emergency medical care to prevent massive blood loss. For instance, it can apply pressure to a bleeding wound during an accident to prevent excessive blood loss before the patient reaches the hospital. It is also used to grasp and hold super facial fossa during emergency wound care.

Dental Procedures

Hemostats are frequently used in dental procedures to stop bleeding in a patient’s mouth during teeth extraction. They apply pressure on the extraction site to avoid further bleeding and complications.

Veterinary Care

Hemostats are widely used in veterinary care to control bleeding in animals during surgical or dental procedures. They can clamp blood vessels in pets to prevent excessive blood loss.

Where Exactly is Hemostat Employed?

The primary function of the Hemostat is preventing blood loss. It is applied directly to the bleeding tissue and vessel to prevent blood loss. But it will greatly depend upon the area and type of bleeding you want to control.

For example, in surgical procedures, surgeons identify the bleeding site and use a hemostat to apply pressure on the respective area directly. In the case of dental procedures, dentists apply Hemostat directly on the site and hold it in place until the bleeding stops.

Where Exactly is Hemostat Employed

How to use Hemostat to stop bleeding?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use a hemostat to stop bleeding.

  1. Identify the Site of Bleeding

The first step in using a hemostat is identifying the source of bleeding. It can be done by visual inspection. Once the bleeding site is identified, the next step is to apply Hemostat directly on the bleeding tissue or vessel.

  1. Apply and Hold the Hemostat

To apply the Hemostat, you need to open it by holding the two arms together and pushing the lock towards the hinge. This will open the jaws of the Hemostat. Now, place the jaws of the Hemostat above or below the bleeding site. Make sure the jaws are fully closed, apply firm pressure to the bleeding, and hold it for several minutes.

  1. Remove the Hemostat and Monitor the Hemostat

To remove the Hemostat, slowly release the pressure, liberate the lock, and open the jaws gradually. Don’t pull the Hemostat off the bleeding site, as it can cause the bleeding to start again. Once the bleeding has stopped, monitor the patient for any signs of further bleeding. If bleeding resumes, apply the Hemostat again.

Precautions When Using Hemostat to Stop Bleeding

Here are some preventive measures you should adopt while using Hemostat;

  • Use the right size of Hemostat.
  • Sterilize the Hemostat.
  • Avoid leaving Hemostat in place for too long.
  • While removing the Hemostat, pull it off gradually.
Sterilize Instruments


In conclusion, hemostats are essential medical, surgical, and emergency tools to stop bleeding. They work by clamping the blood vessels or tissue and applying pressure to the site of the injury, which causes the blood to clot and prevents further bleeding. However, it is essential to use the appropriate precautions to avoid complications when using hemostats, such as tissue damage or delayed bleeding.

We sincerely hope this guide will help you to master the use of a hemostat!!